Immigrant Connection wants to help you as you take your first steps or next steps along the journey of learning, connecting, and welcoming. 


How IC's Online Cohorts Work:  

Participants will be given access to Discovering and Living God's Heart for Immigrants: A Guide to Welcoming the Stranger curriculum through an online learning platform. Each week, participants will need to do pre-work (reading content and responding to questions - usually takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour) whenever it works for their own schedule. Then, participants will join a 1-hour Zoom cohort call once a week to discuss the content, ask questions, and learn together with a group of 8-10 other participants from across the country. All cohorts are led by an experienced Immigrant Connection facilitator.


Who Is An Online Cohort For:  

We believe our online learning cohorts benefit all types of individuals; from those who are just beginning to explore this topic to those who are already involved in ministry to and with immigrants. While there are many perspectives on immigrants and immigration, the goal of this learning community is to root your perspective on the Bible and God's heart. The 8 Sessions explore both a Biblical foundation on immigrants and an understanding of past and current immigration processes and categories.  


How Much Does an Online Cohort Cost:

There are 2 options for joining Immigrant Connection's Online Learning Cohorts.

Option 1: Join a free Online Learning Cohort with other individuals hosted by one of our Facilitators that launch 3 times per year. Immigrant Connection provides this opportunity free of charge to further our mission of helping churches and immigrants connect. We know there are lots of perspectives that individuals have on immigration, but we want all followers of Jesus to have a perspective rooted in the Bible and God's heart towards immigrants. Our online cohorts are a great step to understanding that perspective, and we are excited to offer this opportunity to you free of charge. By signing up below, we'll keep your information and reach out to you directly when the registrations open for new cohorts.

Option 2: Host a local cohort in your church, small group, or community. Local cohorts cost $600 and include access to curriculum for your group (up to 20 individuals - although the preferred group size is 8-12) and a trained IC facilitator.  Local groups can meet in person or online; if in person, the room will need an internet connection and a screen in order for the facilitator to join remotely. Sign up below to have someone contact you about hosting an Online Learning Cohort in your community. 

Please fill out and submit the information below if you would like more information on our Online Learning Cohorts.